Are you on top of Google?

Are you on top of Google?

Websites That Really Work

For real people like you...


in a post-Penguin world

(What does a penguin have to do with anything? Read on.)

Websites only work

when people can find them! SEO (Search Engine optimization) is all about making sure that your site is written in a way that makes it easy for Google and other search engines to find. Google ranking really matters!

Whatever your service, 90% of your new clients will look for you online. And 90% of them don't take the time to look beyond Google Page 1. To make it count, you need to make sure it's designed right and optimized right.

In other words, your website has to be written in a way that both people and search engines can read.

What happens

when you Google your name or your business name? It's likely that you will see your site near the top ot Page 1 and think this means that your clients can find you. But the only people who will look for you this way are people who have already heard of you.

Try Googling your service sector or area of expertise and see what happens. SEO is about getting you found by people who want 'Manchester Scaffolders', 'Eastbourne Sports Massage', 'Historical Fantasy Fiction' or 'Online Tarot Reading'.

See what we mean?

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Who are We?

At Friendly SEO we learned it the hard way, we were writers and business people who needed readers and customers. We needed good looking websites with great Google ranking and we worked to learn the skills to promote our services. People began to ask us, 'who wrote your website?' Our search engine optimization techniques worked too; after our own pages dominated Google, more people asked us 'how did you do that?' Through them, we became a web design company, specialising in working for people like us.

What Do We Do?

great google ranking

We'll explain the SEO cycle.

We pay attention. To you, your clients and to changes in the industry. We begin with your ideal customer. What are they looking for and how are they going about finding it? We interview you a little...find out what makes you special. Then we use our knowledge of you, of your customer, of web design, of reader psychology and copywriting to design a website that works. We pay particular attention to the ever more frequent changes to Google's algorithms. The most recent, nicknamed 'the penguin', wreaked havoc among many SEO companies, since tried and tested 'tricks' to place inferior web pages onto page 1 are no longer effective.

This worked out well for our clients however, since Google now rewards well-written sites, with quality content. Hey, that's what we do!


Start with a free hour of our time. We'll help you identify your website needs.

Do you have a site already? We can check your Google ranking, bounce rate and keywords to advise on making it work harder for you. Do you need a site built from scratch?

Do you know if a static site or a blog would work best for your business? We'll advise you free of charge.

Find out more inside...

Check the pages that suit your needs, we have advice and example websites for small businesses, writers and online service providers. People like us, because we know your online marketing needs. Contact us today to begin creating the website that will work for you!

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